The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Fuel System Servicing

When the fuel system in your vehicle is failing, there will be a number of signs that it is time to have the system inspected. If all of a sudden you notice your fuel mileage is decreasing, it could be anything from a clogged fuel filter to a failing fuel pump.

While operating the vehicle on a long stretch of road, the car begins to surge and the engine races for no reason. This could happen when you are hauling a heavy load too. Have a professional inspect the fuel system. The car may not start on some days. This is a sign that the fuel pump is starting to fail. If the issue persists, the pump could stop working and the car will not start again until it is replaced.

If you experience any of the issues, bring in your vehicle to our service center here at Cortland Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to have the fuel system inspected.

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